Prioritising projects


  • Rewriting What We Bring Home – a short story that I have failed to sell 5-6 times over 5-6 months.
  • Flash fiction – I write these on lunch breaks, I aim for a 250 word limit. Apparently 500 is more sellable, so I might have to hit that on the head.


  • Sell WWBH. 6 cents a word.
  • More shorts
  • Sell that flash fiction
  • – write a second episode of that pilot that BBC Writer’s Room still haven’t got back to me about. (Update: Rejected. In this case, I think the ritual mass suicide works. Perhaps the BBC feel otherwise.)


  • Genderflipped Terminator – The Terminator but genderflipped. Could have been a very sellable niche erotic short but now it could be a non-shit/non-skeevy/potentially sweet sci-fi story. I have some good ideas that would be waste on a weirdo’s wank fic.
  • Ghosts of Versailles – Horror story set during the signing of the Treaty of Versailles.


  • Prosperity: A game for aspiring dictators – A board game. So many challenges
  • Vibroboy – Sounds dirty, thats the hook. Is not dirty.


  • Local News: Adapted – Picking a local news story and using RNG to pick a genre and style to adapt it. I did two, then Mass Effect: Andromeda came out. I was not disappointed.

Author: MJHamblin

Writer who really needs to get his shit together and produce some work he can sell. Also the owner of a neglected YouTube channel, who could do with producing some stuff for that too.

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