WTF am I?

Am I a writer, tho?


I work in retail. I game. I procrastinate on the internet.

I need to eliminate two of those things, and I’ll probably have to reduce the other.

I’ve fallen upon writing as something I can do, possibly well, and hopefully for remuneration.

I went to university and got a degree in Film & Television Production. As an awkward man who obssessively recounts every social faux pas in his life, I can say, with utter conviction, that this is my biggest regret. A degree on a compromised and mismanaged course from a shit-tier establishment is no replacement for a bloody minded pursuit of an apprenticeship with your uncle’s mate who shoots DSLR for Angling Today.

While my focus with video production was always on camera work, it is an inescapable fact that your success overwhelmingly relies on other people. That gets you stung. I’d like to be able finish a project and then put it out there to be rejected or get some useful critique to build on. Writing allows you that and, as long as you have the product to sell, you don’t have to go cap in hand to get experience to apply for an entry level position that expects you to have been in the industry for six years.

I’ll leave my tirades against the mis-selling of courses in creative industries for now though. What I will try and concentrate on in this blog is outlining what I am going to work on, and how to get it done. If I can get the ideas out of my head, maybe I can get them done.

Get wrote, son.

Author: MJHamblin

Writer who really needs to get his shit together and produce some work he can sell. Also the owner of a neglected YouTube channel, who could do with producing some stuff for that too.

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