Prioritising projects


  • Rewriting What We Bring Home – a short story that I have failed to sell 5-6 times over 5-6 months.
  • Flash fiction – I write these on lunch breaks, I aim for a 250 word limit. Apparently 500 is more sellable, so I might have to hit that on the head.


  • Sell WWBH. 6 cents a word.
  • More shorts
  • Sell that flash fiction
  • – write a second episode of that pilot that BBC Writer’s Room still haven’t got back to me about.

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WTF am I?

Am I a writer, tho?

I work in retail. I game. I procrastinate on the internet.

I need to eliminate two of those things, and I’ll probably have to reduce the other.

I’ve fallen upon writing as something I can do, possibly well, and hopefully for remuneration.

I went to university and got a degree in Film & Television Production. As an awkward man who obssessively recounts every social faux pas in his life, I can say with utter conviction that this is my biggest regret. A degree on a compromised and mismanaged course from a shit-tier establishment is no replacement for a bloody minded pursuit of an apprenticeship with your uncle’s mate who shoots DSLR for Angling Today.

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